Sept. 18, 2018

We are Tri-County Labor Club Endorsed!

Jan. 19, 2018

Our Revolution - National has endorsed Curtis Wylde!



Nov. 6th
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See where Curtis stands on the important issues facing us all.

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Mar. 08, 2017
By: Daniel Marans (Huffington Post)

Finally, Democrats Have A Pro Wrestler In Their Corner!


Curtis Wylde is part of a new generation of progressive DNC members inspired by the Sanders campaign. 

Curtis Wylde wasn’t expecting to become one of Missouri’s representatives to the Democratic National Committee. But when he showed up 20 minutes late to the state party’s nominating convention last June, he learned the other members of Missouri’s Bernie Sanders contingent had nominated him for one of the four open slots.

Wylde ― known on the Midwest’s weekend pro wrestling circuit as “Volatile” Curtis Wylde ― was surprised, but quickly channeled his wrestling persona to amp up the drama.

A stocky guy with a goatee and a silver-streaked ponytail, Wylde was the last to make his pitch to the voting delegates. The other candidates had delivered their speeches from the middle of the audience, but Wylde strode to the stage at the front of the hall, speaking into the microphone as he walked.

“I’m gonna start this out doing exactly what I plan to do at the DNC,” he said. “And that, ladies and gentlemen, is change the dynamic!” Continuing Reading

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