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Open Letter to my neighbors in Missouri District 107,

                                            My name is Curtis Wylde, I am registered as a Candidate to become your State Representative in our District 107 in Missouri, and I am not a typical Candidate/Politician. I was not groomed for this, or bred for this, and I am not someone most would consider the “Ideal Candidate”. Which is EXACTLY why I’m ideal for this position.

I am a loving husband, father, son, and brother who, like you, cares very much for my family, friends, and what the future holds for them in this world. With a wide variety of real world experience, from busboy, cook and fast food worker to factory & warehouse, liquor store clerk, and bouncer, to Pro Wrestler, organizer, Master of Ceremonies/Event Production specialist and business owner.

From growing up in a “broken home”, and raised by a single-mother until I was 9 y/o, then gaining a large family when my mother married my step-father, who became my Dad… to living in both urban and rural environments, my background provided a unique diversity that will allow me represent District 107 with Understanding, and a shared-perspective of our residents. There are few situations that I can’t in some way equate to my own background, and life-experiences, and put myself in those shoes.

I am running for State Representative in Missouri’s District 107, because I could no longer stand by and watch bureaucrats not represent the will and needs of the people they’re meant to. I felt compelled to do what I could to make a difference. I saw an opportunity to effect change in my community. I wasn’t groomed for State Congress, but I feel I can be a progressive voice to represent you, our friends and our neighbors in District 107, because I AM one of you. I’ve experienced struggle and pain, success and devastation, and through it all found love and happiness. I was not born with a silver-spoon, didn’t have all the opportunities that some of my more well-off contemporaries may have had. I created my own opportunities, and along with my wife carved a path we can be proud of.

If you choose to vote for me in this race, I promise you this; I will make mistakes, I will be learning as I go, but I will do my very best to Represent YOU! I will bring an authenticity, honesty, and integrity that is largely missing from our government on all levels, and may be considered Revolutionary in today’s political landscape. I do not look forward to being a “Politician”. I am very excited and eager to become a “Public Servant”, which is what this office was meant to be. This country is ready to once again be a nation “Of the People; By the People; and for the People”.

Thank you for your consideration!

   Curtis Wylde

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